On Picking Up The Phone

You may get orders and business through email, but you’re not going to get the relationship. And that’s where the real money is. 

Tinder works to make the connection, but you need to meet and talk and laugh to really build something special.

A bot may refund your money, but it’s not going to get you to spend again.

The art of picking up the phone or meeting for coffee, has been lost. Especially in business.

Maybe you don’t need the phone in your line of work. Maybe you can accomplish what you need through tech. That’s just fine. But you still have a voice and a personality. And here’s the thing, your business does too.

So, is your business’s voice nice and encouraging and happy? Or is it stern and matter-of-fact and short.

Think about this, because it matters. 

Action items: pick up the phone today. Call a friend, or your Mom or Dad, or a customer. Thank them. Ask how they’re doing, then, get this, listen to the answer.

Can you help them? If so, how?

Read your copy. How does it sound? Would you buy from you?


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