Life Operating System

I believe that everyone should have a Life Operating System, or a way they live their life. 

Basically, it’s a set of rules that help ensure you’re being a good person, do the right thing more often than not, and keep moving forward.

I don’t care if it’s philosophy, religion, or The Beatles. As long as you have a process. 

I think people go wrong when they don’t have a process to fall back on. Reality TV and light beer don’t count. Strip joints and casinos definitely don’t count.

Meditation, prayer, reading, painting, working out, spending time with your parents, playing with your kids, etc.

Anything that reminds us how good we have it, is crazy important.

I rely on Stoicism, just like Tim Ferriss and Ryan Holiday

I also use Mindfulness techniques, taught by a host of people, including Chade Meng-Tan, in Joy on Demand. 

More than anything, I just try to be a good person as often as possible. I lift weights when I’m stressed. I try to learn about the world and have empathy for others.

I love the fuck out of my family. I give, serve, and help, whenever I can.

These are things we can all do. And I can do WAY better. But what I do is better than nothing.


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