The Finals

Warriors fans can defend Draymond Green until their blue in the face but the simple fact is that he’s a dirty player. He deserved the suspension.

I’ve even heard the narrative that the NBA is just trying to extend the series for the sake of the league. Well hear this Mr. Silver: we don’t need your help. but we’ll take it. Headed into the fourth quarter the Cavs are up 9 and playing really well.

LeBron’s playing out of his mind, Kyrie’s nailing his jumpers, and Curry and Klay are resorting to 30 footers. Plus, we’ve been able to slow the game down to our pace, which with less depth on our bench, that’s a good thing.

And one more thing, from the other side, Andy is a flopper (maybe we were a bit biased for the last decade).

So, knock on wood, and Go Cavs.



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