Coffee Date Of My Dreams

A question I often ask myself is, “If I could grab a quick coffee and pick the brain of anyone on Earth, who would it be?”

Why? Well, because I have a weird imagination and because it’s a fun exercise. Imagining having coffee or just shooting the shit with someone famous or Inspirational, someone you look up to. 

I mean how freaking awesome would that be?

Don’t like coffee? Fine, how about a beer? In Cali? A joint. Whatever.

I get all jacked up just thinking about it. I mean, I have at least 100 questions for J.K. Rowling, if she would ever take my call.

And I’m sure LeBron James and I would come up with the dopest, most elaborate secret handshake known to man.

All kidding aside, just think about how it might go.

Would that person even like you?

What would you talk about?

Would you shit your pants?
The biggest reason why this is a great exercise is because it gives you an idea of what you really care about. 

If you’re an accountant and daydream about meeting Matthew Berry, maybe you should write about fantasy football or start a fantasy football podcast.

If it’s The Rock, maybe your real passion is getting jacked.

If you’re married and dream about the chick in the cubicle next to you… well, you get my point.

My go-to is usually Jerry Seinfeld. He’s obviously hilarious, so I feel like it would be a fun talk. But he’s also just an incredibly successful, ambitious, and brilliant human. I know I would learn a ton from him. I already practice one of his writing techniques, don’t break the chain.

Who is your ideal coffee date?

Since I’m OCD and borderline insane, I couldn’t possibly stop at just Seinfeld, JK, and King James. Here’s a few more options to get your brain moving.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Barack Obama

Justin Beiber

Joe Rogan

Anthony Bourdain

Amy Schumer

The Dalai Lama


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