The resistance has been really bad lately. Like, I have almost felt afraid to write. It’s really weird. I’ve been finding myself scrolling through Instagram or Safari or Snapchat for hours when I know I should be writing something. 

I told myself that today would be the day I finally post something to this site. It’s been a while. I’ve written some shit here and there since my last post but nothing crazy.

I deleted the Way of Life app that I was using to track habits. I found myself leaning back towards my OCD tendencies, so I cut ties. But since then, I haven’t been writing. 

Today was a perfect day to finally break the trend because I had such a good fucking day.

Today was right up there in terms of ‘perfect day’ status. In other words, if I lived every day like today, I’d be a happy mother fugga. The only thing I didn’t do was have a meal/drinks with friends or family (I did spend them with my wife though).


My beautiful day

8am: Breakfast with the wife at our favorite diner

9am: TDAP shot for Kelly 

9:45am: OB appt. for my pregnant wife (31 weeks, 5 days)

11am: Work

3pm: Train

5pm: Clean bathrooms and kitchen

6:30pm: Dinner

7pm: Take Marshall for a walk with Kelly

7:30pm: Jeopardy! to see how smart I am

8:30pm: Follow the Leader on CNBC. Gary Vaynerchuk episode.

9:30pm: Bed


At work today I listened to Podcasts with Anthony Bourdain (Joe Rogan) and Tony Robbins (Lewis Howes). Both were incredible and both really inspired me to write today and to try to be the best, most exceptional, and least boring person that I can be.

I was also able to schedule three meetings for tomorrow and the chance to land 4 different accounts. So that’s nice. 

I’m literally falling asleep as I write this. 

It’s a start. Night.


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