Coffee and Yoga

I’m sitting at my desk drinking some Starbucks Cold Brew, getting ready to go to Yoga.

That’s my new Friday ‘thing’. Drink coffee. Go to Yoga.

It’s great because it gets me ready for the weekend, in that I am able to effectively forget all of the stressors of the week. Of course it always depends on where I am mentally. Right now, I’m in a really good place.

I had a great week at work, capped off by opening my largest account to date. I also got in three good workouts and when I checked by BP last night, it was 140/76, which is on target (the goal is to be under 140/80). So that made me feel good. A high reading would have made me anxious going into the weekend.

Also, the weather is fucking great. It’s 70 and sunny outside my window right now. Tonight we’re going to dinner with Kelly’s family, which will be a blast. One of her brothers is in from LA and the other from Columbus, so it it will be fun to get everyone together. We’re going out to eat in Kent and then coming back to our place for drinks.

Finally, tomorrow is Kelly’s baby shower and we are expecting over 70 people, which is bananas. Like, it’s crazy how lucky we are to have so many amazing people in our lives.

So yea, things are good. I’m happy. I genuinely hope you are too.


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