Going along with this weeks theme of being too lazy to write, here I am sitting in the couch uninspired to write anything but a journal entry. But here’s the thing about journal entries: it’s still writing. And as long I put pen to paper, it’s not a wasted day. 

Thus, every time I fail to write even a short journal entry, it’s out of sheer laziness. Again, I’m being hard on myself, but self-awareness is uber important.

Anyway, enough of that boring bullshit. We had an electrician come to the house today to re-wire the nursery to a tune of $430. Ouch. Other than that, we just lounged around all day. 

Right now I’m watching The Masters and did some reading for Mash. A lot of potential writing and reading hours wasted though.

Tonight we’re going out for dinner and drink with friends, as we did last night. That, friends, is not a waste. It’s the most important thing in the world to me. Just like lounging with my preggers wife and puppy.

I have to get back on the grind tomorrow. Lift, write, read, etc. On a side note, this coming week will be awesome. My brother-in-law will be in town from LA and it’s our baby shower on Saturday.



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