As an outside sales pro, I spend a lot of time in lobbies. Right now I’m sitting in the lobby of the HESS Paper Company in Kent, Ohio.

The meeting in about to have (for which I’m 15 minutes early) could and should be the biggest, most important of my short tenure here at Victory Propane. And given the amount of work I’ve put into it, it would also be the most rewarding.

Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but all of those situations culminate in one deciding moment. Hopefully this one falls my way.

So, since all of the preliminaries have been set, and since this appointment should be to sign the contract, all I can do is wait.

To be continued


Last night I went to the Cavs game with my buddies. We spend the day downtown and had a good old time. On top of it just being a fun ass day, we also had fifth row seats, right behind the hoop.

LeBron and J.R. Smith played lights out and we got to see Big Papi and Pablo Sandoval who are in town to play the Tribe. It was dope.

Here are some pics:



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