Home Gym

One of the common themes in all of my posts lately, has been training once the baby comes. Little Geno or Eleanora will be here around June 24th, and when he or she comes, things will change.

One thing is certain, I don’t plan to stop training. Instead, I’ll react. The game will change and I’ll adapt to it.

I don’t plan on going to the gym four days per week. In fact, I already transitioned to a three day split.

On top of that, it’s unrealistic to think that I’ll actually have time to go to a gym three days per week. So, again, I have to improvise.

I got a power sled for Christmas about three years back. Today, I finally set that bitch up. I haven’t really needed it until now. But with this baby on the way, I’m glad I have it (also, with this blood pressure issue, it will be nice to do some conditioning).

So over the next few months I’ll try to put together a collection of training implements. 

I already have an EZ bar, Olympic Barbell, power sled, and Jump Rope. So now I just need a couple 45# plates or maybe four 25# plates. A 36# kettlebell would be nice to have. Maybe a heavy dumbbell for Goblets. And finally, a pull-up bar and dip bars. 

Then I just need to make the time to get it in. 


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