My 4 Pillars Of Sales


1. Be yourself, because you’re always selling

This is huge because people can sniff out a fraud. Also, people like to deal with people they like. And people don’t like fakes. It’s pretty straightforward. 

2. Don’t be afraid to deliver the bad news

This is huge for me because I hate confrontation. Hate it. I used to lie to customers when I screwed up and it only made it worse. 

Trust me, tell them the truth and do it now!

3. Tell a story

Again, people like to deal with people they like. Be confident and tell a story. If you stutter or sound nervous, they will think you’re lying or that you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Not good.

4. Be persistent

There was a study that showed that people give up after the fifth contact with a prospect. The thing is, those prospects would have bought from them after the seventh contact.

Hang in there and be persistent. But always read the situation, you don’t what to be annoying either.

Note: if you are being annoying, fall on the sword. “Hey, it’s me again, that pain in the ass from XYZ Co.”

Longer post on this to come! 


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