Laugh At Farts and Smile

There it is, the key to life.

You ever laugh until no sound comes out?

Sometimes my middle back gets tense. Other times, my chest feels like someone is pressing on it. Often, I feel like I can’t catch my breath.

Here’s the thing, I’m in pretty decent shape. So what gives?

Fucking stress, anxiety, social and societal pressures, and The Browns.

All the bullshit.

That’s all it is, bullshit. I have a fucking amazing life, the best wife, a freaking baby on the way, a dog that’s snuggling me as we speak, a supportive family, dope ass friends, a great career, and my health.

In other words, why the fuck do I feel the shit that I feel? 

Today, while driving for work, I threw on some J. Cole radio on Google Play Music and rocked the fuck out. It’s my go-to when I’m feeling nice.

I sold some shit, then I hit the gym, came home and threw together dinner for my wife and I, and went for a long walk. All before nerding out over The People vs OJ, Jeopardy!, and Big Bang. Then I did some work and now here I am, writing and getting ready to read before bed. 

“It was a good day.” – Ice Cube

So again, I ask you, why do I feel the tightness in my chest? The answer is because it’s 2016 and unfortunately, that’s the world we live in.

BUT, it doesn’t have to be. Just smile. Relax, live life, laugh at farts, and fucking smile.

Pardon my French 😉


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