The Pursuit Of The Productive Morning

Since I started my new job in October, I have had a less than stellar track record with morning productivity.

Here’s the thing, it’s possible to suck at mornings and not suck at your job. In fact, I’ve been successful in my new gig. I lead the company in sales in January and have been right up there pretty much every month. I’m proud of my work and I think that my employers are too.

And the truth is, I get a lot done in my personal life too. I train three to four times per week, do yoga, walk my dog, spend time with my wife, clean the house, read, write, travel, and hang out with friends. All the stuffs.

So it’s also possible to live a balanced life whilst sucking at mornings.

So, the questions is, why give a shit?

Because I’m wasting part of my life sleeping.

I get eight to nine hours of sleep every night. It’s just too much. Ideally, if I could sleep for seven solid hours and wake up ready to go, everyday, I would love that. Think of it, an extra hour or two to train, read, or write. Or to have a cup of coffee with my wife and play with my dog and kid (I have one on the way).

Which is a good tie-in to my next point: with a kid on the way, and knowing that once he or she arrives sleep will be non-existent, isn’t it okay to enjoy it while I have it?

I kinda think so. That’s why I’ve tried not to be too hard on myself for it. But here’s the thing, my HABIT of waking up in the morning is fucked.

So in order to not have my system shocked to shit when little Eleanora or little Geno pops out, I need to start working on it now.

So what am I doing? Well, nothing really. I mean I woke up at 6:30 instead of 7-7:30 a couple times in the last week. So that’s a start. I guess I’ll keep doing that, except I’ll aim for every day. And mostly, I’ll just be conscious of how I feel and of what I get done.

Maybe I’ll reward myself with a nice cup of coffee and some writing time before I do anything else. Maybe I’ll take Marshall for a walk in the fresh morning air, like I did this morning.

What are your morning habits/hacks? Have you been able to change for the better?


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