NYC Trip – Day Three

Day three in NYC was also our last, which sucks because I was starting to catch feelings.

We had breakfast at Waverly Restaurant on 6th Avenue. We all ordered massive meals to fight our hangovers. The food was insanely good; it was right up there with the ribs at Mighty Quinn’s for the best meal of the weekend. I had a mushroom, bacon, and goat cheese omelet.

The truth is everyone was struggling by day three. We packed a lot of touristy stuff into the trip while also maintaining a nice buzz for three straight days. And in all honesty, it was fucking perfect.


Our next stop was Central Park. So, I knew how big Central Park was but until you see it in person, it’s difficult to fully grasp. This place is massive. We saw parts of the zoo and walked part of The Mall, but that’s about it. Next time, I’d like to check out the Great Lawn and Belvedere Castle too.

I’ve always wanted to rent a bike and ride around Central Park. I feel like that would be an awesome way to check it out.

Next, we had lunch at McGee’s, which is the inspiration behind MacLaren’s Pub from How I Met Your Mother. It was a cool little joint. Much to our dismay, it didn’t look anything like the bar from the show and it wasn’t quite legen- wait for it… DARY.

But it was still pretty cool to check it out and to know that the writers from HIMYM came up with the concept while sitting in one of those booths. Also, all of the drinks are named after the show, which is a nice touch.

After lunch we checked out China Town and Little Italy again, just because we really enjoy it there. And then made another pilgrimage to Spring Lounge, where we drank until we couldn’t feel feeling. Schaefer Beer and Jameson will do that.

We had dinner at a little place in Little Italy whose name escapes me, but it was a nice meal.

So, at this point, we had been trying to get into this speakeasy called Please Don’t Tell or PDT. You have to call at 3pm to get in that night and it’s first come first serve. Because of this, it’s pretty exclusive.

We tried on Saturday to get in but failed. So at around 5pm on Sunday, I said fuck it and gave them a call. They answered. The lady said that they couldn’t guarantee me a table but said they would try.

I finally got the call at 8:30pm and was told to be there by nine and that we needed to be out by ten. Okay. So we made our way to Crif Dogs, a hot dog joint on St. Marks, and wen’t inside. The gimmick is that you are to go inside the random phone booth (with an old rotary phone) and dial one.

Once you do this, the back of the phone booth magically opens to a dark, sleek bar. Not gonna lie, it’s pretty fucking awesome. Especially for a tourist from the Midwest. It may or may not have given me a huge chub. But that’s a story for another time.

The cocktails were small and 15 bucks a pop, but it was totally, 100% worth it. 

Finally, we ended the night with more beer and Jamo at some hole-in-the-wall country joint with a jukebox. And with that, our NYC trip had come to an end.

keep it classy, NYC
Dark Knight sighting

And finally, it was back home to our little stinker. Man did we miss him. All in all, a great fucking trip.

And, there was one very important lesson to be learned: I always thought New York was some stressful, crazy city that was impossible to get to. That couldn’t be further from the truth. So, don’t let your ideals and opinions let you hold you back from doing awesome shit.

Thanks, NYC.


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