NYC Trip – Day Two

Day two in NYC was intense. 

We grabbed breakfast at a trendy joint in the East Village called B Cup Cafe. I had a delicious egg burrito and an Americano that was out of this world. Cool place.

After breakfast is when shit got real. I basically had tears in my eyes for the next three hours as we visited the Firefighters Memorial, The World Trade Center Memorial, and went up into One World Trade Center.

Those 343 members of the FDNY are heroes. Real heroes. We throw around words like hero, legend, and even God, much too loosely these days. Hero should be reserved for the truly great, for the ones who risk and ultimately give their lives for others.


As I looked at the names on the Memorials I couldn’t help but think about all of the people who were effected, directly and indirectly, by that person. Perhaps that person said a simple ‘thank you’ or smiled at someone and made their day. Or perhaps they did something far more profound, something that really made an impact in our world. 

As I write this, I’m thinking about the terrorist attacks in Brussels. It’s horrible. Just horrible. And it has to be stopped.

Ellis Island and Lady Liberty from 100 floors up in One World Trade Center
Next, and just as my eyes were beginning to dry, we walked into the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, One World Trade Center. It was incredible. I feel like words can’t really describe the events of the day so I’m going to stick to pictures and quick descriptions. 

I’ll put it this way: it’s something you need to see.

The 360 degree view of New York City was bananas. It’s crazy to think about how many people live in that city; all the buildings, cars, companies, etc. So cool.

It’s awesome to just walk around and take it all in but from 100 stories in the sky, it’s staggering.

After that we checked out China Town and Little Italy and grabbed lunch at Burger and Barrel on 25th. Then the girls did some shopping while the fellas knocked back some Shaefer’s beer and some Jamo at Spring Lounge.

Later on the in the day we decided to drop in to Ladder 20 of the FDNY. I was with three firefighters from Ohio so it was cool to go there with them. The guy we talked to was awesome. Just a cool, down to earth dude with a sick New York accent. 

We bought some Ladder 20 t-shirts before we left; it was $20 well spent.


Saturday night we went to Mighty Quinn’s on 2nd and 5th for BBQ. It was highly hyped up by the guys we were with and did not disappoint. I had the ribs, sweet potato caserole, and slaw. Delish. A couple of the dudes had the Brontosaurus Rib, a ginormous slab of meat. 

Saturday night we checked out a speakeasy that was located behind a Barber Shop. Very cool. We did that again on Sunday so I’ll talk about it more in tomorrow’s update, as that one was a bit more exclusive but not necessarily as cool.

We ended the night with more beers and Jamo. Because duh. 



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