“Always Change It Up”

“Always change it up” has long been a mantras of the meathead. The theory it alludes to is ‘muscle confusion’, where they say you need to constantly change your programming so that your body never gets used to what you are doing. Variation spurs growth, they say.

For the most part, this is bullshit.

It’s important to change things up here and there. But not too often. Really, the bones of the session should stay constant.

For example: you should always do your power move (Squat, Deads, Press, Bench, Cleans, etc.) and you should always do your accessory work (Dips, Chins, Rows, RDL, Glute Ham Raise, etc.). Throw in some pump work and some conditioning and you’ve got yourself a nice workout planned.

What varies is the load, volume, and other variables like rest and order. The key is Progressive Overload. Here is a fantastic article on the principle from Bret Contreras, a coach that I trust and respect, check it out.

The key is consistency. What’s the freaking point of ‘always changing it up’ if you don’t enjoy what your doing and miss sessions. It makes no sense.

Any program that you stick with is a good program.

Training and transformation takes time. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. And the guy or gal who sticks with it over the long haul is usually going to be the most successful.

Find a plan, stick to it, and always train on Mondays. It’s about fucking consistency.

Now drink some black coffee and get after it!



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