Being Nice, Giving, and Making Money

This morning while listening to the audiobook The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk, I had an epiphany. 

You have to be nice and give, to be successful in business.

Don’t get me wrong, I already knew this. As a sales pro, rule numbero uno is to give the customer what they want. 

You want 30 day terms instead of 10? Sure. 

Amend the verbiage on the contract? Okay. 

How much cheaper? Done.

My rule is: If it can be a potential deal breaker, make it happen. 

Just get the business. You need to get in the door first. You do that by giving. Once you’re in the door, guess what? You keep on giving. 

“A business is only as good as its most loyal customers.” – Vaynerchuk

Gary was talking about how we should cherish our relationships. Specifically those with great friends and people who do nice things for you. Because loyalty.

It made me think about one friend in particular. He was in my wedding. He is probably the nicest, most modest, truest friend I have. A best friend through and through that would drop everything to help.

His father is also uber successful (so is he). What struck me today is how their kindness and generosity must be a huge part of their success. You would never know just how successful they are. They don’t boast or show-off. 

They give.

They throw tailgate parties at Browns games where everyone is invited. They babysit our dogs when we go on vacation. They help me paint my nursery. They commit to things without hesitation. And they never ask for anything.

Here’s the thing: I wish they did. Because I owe them so much.

This, I think, is the real secret behind their family’s success. Thanks for the lesson bro.


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