But I Earned It

No one owes you anything. You have to earn it.

Today I lost a deal that I earned. Honestly, heart of hearts, earned it. And I don’t say this bitterly, because I certainly could have done some things to get the business. But for the most part, I had nothing to do with losing the deal. It was the other guy.

Again, he doesn’t owe me an order. I wasn’t entitled to anything. But I did earn it.

It’s good to get emotional with people and to speak your mind. You can’t back down. If something doesn’t go the way you want it to go, tell them. People appreciate honesty. As long as you don’t pout and act like a second grader that got their seat stolen on the bus, that is.

It’s still important to be a professional

Here’s what happened:

The guy told me that he needed to check with the current vendor to see if they were in a contract, if not, I had his bosses word that they would go with me. Instead, they shopped me and gave the business back to the current provider (who had been overcharging them until I walked in the door). Follow?

So basically, if it weren’t for me, they would still be getting overcharged and the current provider got rewarded for doing so. After the fact, the guy told me that he would be going against his word to give me the business, even though he already went against his word in going back to the other guy!

Crazy shit. Just another day in the life of a salesman.

On a positive note, I’ve closed my two biggest deals yet, in consecutive days. So as far as the one I lost goes, it wasn’t a big deal. But it always hurts to lose one that you expected to get.


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