20 February 2016

Over the last two days I have listened to the Tim Ferriss podcast with Seth Godin. It was a fun, inspiring, and insightful interview that was more about the human condition than it was about Seth himself.

Here are a few takeaways and things I learned. I guess you can call them ways that it has already shifted my thinking.

  1. I want three things for my children. I went them to be nice, I want them to be problem solvers, and I want them to have a voice and to have opinions. 
  2. I want to avoid the busy trap when it comes to parenting and life, in general. What’s more important than living and spending time with my wife and my children?
  3. I want to cook dinner more often.
  4. You just need to do the work. Most hesitations when it comes to creative endeavors is based on fear.
  5. I want to blog daily about things I have learned and about my observations.
  6. Write a fucking book. Or record an audiobook.

There are loads more. But this is a good start. Go give the podcast a listen here.


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