Coming Soon…

Baby Perry – Due June 24th

Baby Perry is due on June 24, 2015! As of today, Kelly is 12 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

We got to hear baby’s heartbeat today for the first time. It was a strong 150-160 beats per minute. 

Right now baby is as big as a Plum (2.1″ long and .49 ounces). Most of his or her critical systems are fully formed and are about to enter the growth and maturation stage (I haven’t even hit that stage yet) in which organs and tissues grow and develop rapidly.

Also, she is developing reflexes – if we poke him, we may see her move. He may be opening and closing his fingers now too. Most importantly, the little brain is developing so fast.

It’s crazy to think about how Kelly has two heartbeats inside of her now. And we made that little guy.

I hope she has an interesting, fun, and fulfilling life with an abundance of love, happiness, and uncontrollable fits of laughter.

Love you, Kiddo. Daddy, Mommy, and Marshall can’t wait to meet you!


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