Film Review: Spectre

The cliche thing to do would be to start this review by talking about how Bond movies – like a martini with three measures of Gordon’s, one measure of vodka, a half a measure of Kina Lillet, shaken until ice-cold and served with a very thin peel of lemon – are my guilty pleasure.

What can I say, I’m pretty sure bad puns go hand in hand with being a fan of Ian Fleming’s famous character.

Anyway, enough fluff. To the film itself – Spectre. I honestly enjoyed it up until the last 15 minutes where Blofeld and his little crony Denbigh turn the SIS Building on Vauxhall Cross into a cringeworthy haunted house.

Like, did they actually take the time to print out pictures of people Bond has been involved with or killed and tape them up in various rooms? The thought is just absurd and kind of hilarious. Picture it – it’s like a couple frat guys setting up for a party.

Beyond that, I think it was a good 007 movie.

Like always Christoph Waltz is incredible as the villain. He plays Blofeld perfectly and I even liked how they kept him alive at the end in a Batman-esque cliffhanger that may or may not be used in the next film.

The Mexico City intro scene was great. I love the background music as Bond, masked for the Day of the Dead celebration, was walking through the city with a nameless, faceless dame that he abandons to complete his task. And destroy half a city block, as M. said.

Speaking of M, Judy Dench was great in the 90’s Bond role. She put M. on the map and made her mainstream.

Here’s my problem with the Judy Dench character: M. was never a father or mother figure to James. Never. It was always a very business-like relationship and could even be considered tense. M. was impulsive and quick to retire an aging agent, as was made clear in the books.

The Ralph Fiennes character does a splendid job of portraying what M. is to a Bond purist.

Naomie Harris as Miss Moneypenny is great and Bill Tanner is bland and forgettable, which is good. Also, I am a big fan of the quirkiness, wit, and creativeness that Ben Whishaw brings to Q. I think he will own that roll.

Now to the Bond girls. I’m not sure there will ever be a Bond girl as good as Eva Green’s Vesper but that’s just my opinion. Monica Bellucci played the same role as Sévérine in Skyfall but she played the role well. Though, I’m not so sure about her deciding to sleep with 007 minutes after she learns that he murdered her husband.

Lea Séydoux was really good in the film but it was still a role that I pretty much forgot about as soon as it was over.

Overall, this was good, enjoyable Bond that I will 100% watch again. And most likely a lot of my opinions will change. The truth is that I think this reboot of Bond is finally hitting it’s stride as far as cast and storyline go and I’d hate to see them blow it up.

One more please, Daniel. One more.



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