My Career Change

The main reason why I haven’t been updating my blog and journal lately is because I no longer sit in front of a computer all day.

Such a great quote

Now, let me be clear, this is not an excuse because it’s not like I don’t have this portable high powered computer in my pocket all day. I have the ability to write anytime, anywhere. And even if I didn’t have my phone there is always pen and paper, parchment and quill, etc.
But it is what it is.

But now I’m back. After today, my goal is to update this blog more often than not. Meaning at least every other day. I don’t want to say everyday because shit happens.

I submitted a small piece today to Belt Magazine and I’m working on a interview with Mash Stories. Basically, I’m getting back that writin’ flow.

So, the new career. After five years of selling steel at Jade-Sterling, I decided to call it quits. The truth is that I was burnt out and I needed a change of scenery. And honestly, I think it’s best for both parties. Jade was great to me; I made good money there and met and learned from some great people.

I think most jobs have a shelf life. Mine, at Jade-Sterling, was three to five years. Period.

I decided to go to LinkedIn and Zip Recruiter to find a gig. This was after I applied to work at Kent State and realized that was a dead end. And it was after the whole Tucker Max, Book in a Box thing.

What’s cool is that the whole process actually empowered me and gave me confidence in my skills and experience.

I was able to take a pretty intimidating process and turn it into an empowering challenge. By the end of it, I knew that was someone worth hiring. And that’s fucking rad.

Through Zip Recruiter, I got put in touch with a, uh, recruiter. The company listing was hidden/classified but I applied anyway and got a call. 

That lead to a phone interview, in person interview, another phone interview, and finally, another in-person interview, where I was offered the gig.

The company is Victory Propane.

I sell propane. Like Hank Hill. Propane and propane accessories. Funny. Actually, I had no idea that’s what Hank Hill did until I got this job. I always preferred Henry Hill but it turns out being a gangster isn’t a wise career choice. 

So here I am selling propane to companies to use primarily for their forklifts but also in other applications like heating job sites and torches.

And I love it.

It’s outside sales and my bosses are in Chicago. I work from home/out of my car. A pretty drastic change from making cold calls from a dusty, dirty cubicle in Twinsburg.

The freedom is incredible. The flexibility is great. And I still get the support that I need to do my job. 

Aside from that, the sale is pretty similar. Still based on price, my stuff really isn’t any better than their stuff, and I’m still making cold calls. They are just in-person, not on the phone.

The sales-cycle is shorter than in steel and relative to materials purchasing, it’s a pretty small fraction of a customers costs.

I always thought I had a lot of freedom at my last job. I also thought my last job was pretty easy. No and no. That shit was hard.

Since I started slangin’ that sweet lady propane, I am averaging a new account every day and I have pretty much made more money in a month than I ever did in 5 years at Jade. Not too bad.

Now, this has to do with my writing/blogging because since I am in a car and actually working hard, I don’t have time to write on the clock. Looking back, the best part of working at my last job is that I hated it so much at times, that I would open Evernote on my computer and start writing. I did that a lot. Before I quit I read the entire first book of The Hunger Games and the first Harry Potter book at my desk during the day.

If my bosses (from Jade) read this they may see it as disrespectful. I hope not. I really do appreciate everything they did for me and I certainly don’t regret my time there. And on top of all the things that job taught me, it also provided me with some prime writing time. Maybe when I’m a famous writer they will say, “He learned how to do that on our dime.”

Now I have to write in my free time. So that’s my challenge. Do I write in the morning? At night? In my car at lunch? I think the answer is all of the above but mostly the morning.

So, from this day forth, I shall write and write a lot. My goal for this year is to get paid to write.

So that’s where I’m at. In terms of my career, my goal is to make as much money as I can selling propane, for as long as I can. I have a lot of confidence in my ability to sell and I have a lot of trust in the owners of the company. I’m excited to have this opportunity.


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