20 September 2015

Kel and I are spending another Sunday night on the couch reflecting on a great weekend. 

Today we had the family over to celebrate my birthday and to watch the Browns beat up on the Titans 28-14. Johnny Football threw two long touchdowns to Travis Benjamin and he added another on a punt-return. A huge win at home to get to 1-1.

I am so thankful to have such loving, supportive people in my life. It’s just incredible. Also, we have been so busy lately that we really haven’t seen much of our friends so it was nice to see Nav and Alex.

This morning at the gym I managed to tweak my back during my warm-up (ask me how the hell that shit happens). I don’t know how it happened. Anyway, had to power through the workout but my back does hurt pretty bad. Add that to the cold/allergies that I have going on. Oh well.

I forgot to mention the badass gifts my family got me; they certainly didn’t have to do to do it. Again, I’m very lucky to have what I have and to have them in my life. Some highlights are a Captain America shirt, Cleveland Browns OHIO HOME shirt, and bacon & egg socks. Dope!

Congrats Darryl J. and Bernadette!

Speaking of those socks, I rocked them so hard at Darryl and Bernadette’s wedding yesterday. The wedding was fun and the food was good. Kel had fun too. It’s always fun to hang with her family. The wedding was at The Venue in Tallmadge.

Friday night we just decided to chill. Kent had a music festival going downtown but we decided to kick it on the couch instead. 



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