16 September 2015

The idea of trying to name this Wednesday blog seems a little silly to me since I only have four subscribers and probably less readers.

Either way, every Wednesday I’m still going to write about the things that I am reading, writing, watching, etc. Basically, anything that I think people would enjoy.

What I’m Reading:

Trigger Mortis (A James Bond Novel) by Anthony Horowitz – The newest 007 novel takes place right where Goldfinger left off and reintroduces the infamous Pussy Galore. Including some original material from the estate of Ian Flemming, Horowitz is able to write a novel that Bond purists and espionage/thriller fans alike will enjoy. I am just beyond half way through and I can already say this one is a must read.

What I’m Watching:

The LEGO Movie – Make fun of me all you want but once you check out this flick the only thing you will be laughing at is this witty comedy. Okay, that was the cheesiest thing I’ve ever said and for that I apologize. Seriously though, this film is deep and smart beyond is genre. I’m not even sure the kiddos will really grasp the lesson that this movie teaches. But that’s okay because they will laugh their little butts off and so will you. Just beware, they will want LEGO’s after and that shit is expensive these days!

What I’m Doing:

Celebrating my 29th birthday 


The Jungle Book trailer dropped yesterday and all I can say is ‘damn that shit looks tight’. First of all, the trailer itself was awesome. But also, Jon Favreau is directing it and I am a huge fan of his (listen to this and you will be too). The last shot of the trailer is of Mowgli floating down a river on Baloo’s belly while Baloo hums The Bare Necessities. Just perfect. It drops in 2016.

That look when you’re high af (kidding, chill PETA).

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