2 September 2015

Tonight I am going to the gym to hit some deadlifts with Derek and Justin from work. We are doing a 10, 5, 3, 1, 3, 5, 10 ladder. Sounds terrible, right?

I decided to stop the Momolith program this week since I have so much shit going on; I will continue with week 3 when I get back from NOLA (more on that in a bit). I will probably throw in some bench, rows, curls, and shrugs too, just to keep with the basic outline of the program.

At 9pm, I have the Evans Family Fantasy League draft and after my horrible showing in 2013, I have something to prove. And, perhaps most importantly, I will watch Hard Knocks.

Tomorrow we get to leave work at 2:15 for the Jade-Sterling golf outing at Signature. I haven’t swung a club all year so that should be interesting. Signature is a pretty brutal track. It will be a good time though and some much needed time out of the office.

Kel and I are headed to New Orleans right after work on Friday. It is the first of three trips that I am going on in the next three months (St. Louis for the Browns game and Vegas) and my fifth trip this year (Hilton Head, Toronto, Nashville, and Columbus). Needless to say, it has been an awesome year of travel and I feel very grateful and fortunate that I am able to do things like this so often.   

But back to NOLA: it is a city that Kel and I have always wanted to visit and basically, we said F it and booked it. Cool story, right? Anyway, if you are reading this and have and suggestions of where to eat/drink/dance, let me know. I am most excited for the food and music but it turns out that we will be there for Southern Decadence (Gay Mardi Gras) so that should be interesting (and a freaking blast)!

I picked up The Bourne Identity to read on the plane but obviously couldn’t wait until Friday so I cracked it open last night. I am 50 pages in so far and totally enthralled. I read somewhere that Robert Ludlum wrote 27 books and every one of them was a New York Times Bestseller. Um, what? Talk about successful. The goal is to knock this one out by the time Trigger Mortis shows up in my mailbox (Mr. Mortis, I’ve been expecting you). I’ve never been so excited for a book.

So there you have it. Thanks for reading.


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