20 August 2015

It’s been a pretty good week so far. 

Kelly had a great meeting at work earlier this week. I am so freaking proud of her. She works her butt off and deserves the recognition. 

Also, I had a really nice bench and deadlift session on Tuesday and today I plan to hit some high rep skwatz. So that should be fun. I feel really good about my training lately. Slow, steady progress is what it’s all about.


Last night, I took Marshall for a walk but we only went around the block since it was so hot out. While we were walking someone’s Boxer or Bull-Something got loose and approached Marshall off-leash. They sniffed each other a bit and everything seemed fine until the owner got there. When the pup realized that her owner and myself were going to grab her and make her go home, she got aggressive and attacked Marshall. He yelped a little but he was fine. I think he just got scared. My sweet little guy. I would protect my little Marsh at all costs. Best pups ever. 

​Anyway, after the walk I did 15 minutes of yoga from my app – Yoga 15 – and then did a standing meditation. After getting six days in a row on my 100 day meditation challenge, I failed last weekend in Columbus. Now I’m back to three days and I have already learned a lot from it. I need to find a time/place to practice for it to really become a habit. 

I have written before about how I don’t want to feel like I NEED to do things and I don’t want to be a slave to anything. At the same time, I can see/feel the benefits of yoga and meditation in the short term and would like to explore it further.

Last night when Kel got home we smashed some Teriyaki stir-fry with noodles and watched Hard Knocks. I love that freaking show; it makes me want to run through a freaking wall and hit the gym. Today’s session will be on point because of it. Cush and Watt are animals, Bill O’Brien and Mike Vrabel are awesome and hilarious, and you can’t help but root for Hoyer and some of the other guys on the Texans.  

Oh ya, let’s back up a bit, the stir-fry was DOPE. All about that shit after eating at the Island Noodles food truck in Columbus this weekend.

Last night I booked our trip to Vegas with my Mom over Thanksgiving weekend. Super stoked about that. Fucking love me some Vegas, especially during football season. It was a very generous thing for my mom to do for us and I think we will have a great time. We decided to stay at the Flamingo because it was the most affordable joint on the strip and because it is right by Caesar’s and the Forums. We will have to miss my ten-year reunion because of it but that’s okay. Ya know, because Vegas.

What else? Hmm, I will finish Goldfinger today. Great read. I am a big fan of Ian Fleming’s writing (aside from his racial and homophobic slurs, here and there). I think I’m able to separate the work from the person and since he is dead, I don’t feel bad paying for his products since it is now supporting his family and I don’t know or care to know their beliefs. The bottom line is that I like the 007 franchise. 

This particular novel is great because it involves some realistic relationships yet still introduces a slightly cliche and far-fetched villain, in Auric Goldfinger. Definitely worth a read

I’m really enjoying the 007 novels because they are a little slower than the far-fetched, crazy Pierce Brosnan flicks, which were good but not great. Embarrassingly enough, I have never seen a Sean Connery Bond film but I do have a few recorded and plan to watch them soon. I tend to picture Danial Craig as 007 when I read the books. I prefer his films to the Brosnan flicks.

Also, I pre-ordered Trigger Mortis, a Bond novel that is set two weeks after the end of Goldfinger and brings back Miss Pussy Galore. It was written by Anthony Horowitz and includes original material by Ian Fleming. I can’t wait.

I should be done with the whole series by the time Spectre comes out in November.

Now I have to decide what to read next. If will be either SPIN Selling, The Hero With A Thousand Faces, or the Writer’s Journey.

Tonight we are going to Kel’s parents house to see Tyler before they leave on their awesome cross-country road trip to Cali. I’m super excited for Tyler. I think he will do great things in LA. Best of luck to my bro. It will also be good to see Austin tonight. I always have a blast at their house.

I must admit it is a little weird writing a journal under the pretense that I plan to put it on a blog that people might read. That said, if you are reading this, thank you.


I can’t get enough of these two.


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