Entry número dos: 9 August 2015

Every Monday, as a part of my general writing practice, I write a recap of my weekend. Like most weekends, this weekend was filled with family, friends, and general badassery.

Friday night, Kel and I took Marshall for a walk, ate burgers on the grill pan since our grill took a shit on us, and then went out downtown Kent with Navid and Alex. It was our first time seeing them since their awesome wedding so it was nice to get together. Nav and I ripped a shot of tequila before heading out, to start the night off right! We went to Water Street Tavern (Glory Days), Secret Cellar, and finished at Venice (new owner, same smell).


We always have a great time when we went out with then and it was cool hearing all of their wedding and honeymoon stories. Also, for some reason, Nav and I are always on a mission to get hammered when we go out together. Which leads me to Saturday.

I woke up Saturday with a SERIOUS hangover. Great to be writing on a portfolio/resume site, right? Hey, I said I was going to be honest and unapologetic. We like to have fun, back off. So yea, headache city. Marshall had an appointment with the groomer and Kelly had to take him because of my condition. Then she came home and cooked me breakfast. All before I got out of bed. Ouch (and pretty amazing wife).

After breakfast I went through the motions of a horrible leg workout and then got to work judging stories from the shortlist for Mash.  I had 60 to get through this week and it was not easy, as there were so many great stories. Obviously, because they all made it to the shortlist. So many fantastic writers and stories, I am truly humbled by it and have learned so much already.

Saturday night, Kel and I took my mom out for her birthday. We went to Prosperity Social Club in Tremont (CLE), and then went to South Side for drinks and desert. The food at Prosperity was top-notch (and affordable) and so were the drinks. I had a bacon wrapped pork filet, Kel had veggie empanadas, and my mom had a blackened shrimp salad. It was such a nice night and I think my Madre had a blast (happy birthday, Moms). I love and appreciate everything she does for us, so it’s always nice when we get to celebrate her. Also, we talked about going on a trip together in the fall, which would be awesome and I can’t wait (America’s Playground).

Sunday started with workouts for Kel and I. I had a great upper-body session to offset the waste of a workout on Saturday. Kel did the grocery shopping while I did some post workout stretching and some Shamatha meditation (I just started a #100DayChallenge for meditation, I will write about my progress). Again, awesome wife.

Marshall does yoga too. I call this posture 'Pondering Dog'.
Marshall does yoga too. I call this posture ‘Pondering Dog’.

At 1, we headed to Kelly’s parents house to celebrate Jay’s birthday (happy birthday, Jay). Again, great time. Love hanging with them.  We smashed too. Steak, brats, burgers, chicken, beans, corn, and some awesome macaroni salad. And some beer. It was nice to catch up with them and great seeing Tyler. Kel’s grandparents were also there and it’s always great seeing them, as well. Also, Marshall freaking LOVES his Grandma, so it’s nice that we can bring him knowing he will be good and have so much fun. We missed Austin tho. It’s cool because even though Marsh loves going to his G-ma’s, when it is time to go home, he is always ready. Which always melts our hearts. We love that little dude so much.

We ended the night with some reading in bed. My favorite thing to do.

Another perfect weekend for the Perry’s.


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